Undeclared Major is a webcomic about my casual observations and experiences as a college student. Undeclared Major does not feature an incredibly complex story or plot. It’s just a series of short, moderately funny comic strips. New comics are posted on Tuesdays.

Undeclared Major was created by Belal Al-Rawi while studying Civil Engineering at The University of Missouri. He enjoys eating green apples and jalapeño pizza with extra tomato sause (and ranch). He is commonly seen drinking Gatorade Glacier Freeze. He is also tall.

You can contact Belal and tell him how awesome he is by clicking here. He will reply.

Undeclared Major was featured in The Maneater, the official student newspaper of The University of Missouri.


Why did you major in Civil Engineering?
I like Legos.

Do you like Panda Express?
Yes. I also like nachos.

Who is your favorite NBA player?
Rasheed Wallace.

How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled. With a side of hash-browns.