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  1. Daniel

    Are you hiding from the teacher or bowing down to the assignment demons?

    • Belal


    • GO DEMONS!!!

    • I think he is the demon, repent his sins!

      • still no new comics, as day pass I began to lost hope…

  2. Bea

    I wish you would do for study abroad.. which I’m doing this semester. [=

    Also, I really enjoy reading your comics. [=

    • Belal

      Ive never done study abroad. Where’d you go?

      Also, I really enjoy reading your comments [=

    • Bea

      do one for study abroad*

  3. Indy

    the worst will forever be when you get out early, only to find out once everyone else leaves that the test had a back

  4. Lindsey

    This is great! Literally just spent half an hour reading all your comics. Bravo. Also- this is a fair assessment of the stupid tests in my REQUIRED religion class.

    • HomerT6

      Haha that really narrows down the schools if a religion class is required. I Lemme guess BYU?

  5. Raphael P

    Haha. This is a perfect depiction of my med micro exams.


  6. Samantha

    Updates Tuesdays… Sometimes

    • Anonymous


      • Nightcrawler


        • Ladeda

          Every once in a while…

          • Lololala


          • An.1

            almost never

  7. harry potter geek

    Are you going to write any more comics?
    I know it is school and you are very busy just like every other college student , but these help me get through the week

    • Indy

      agree with hpgeek

    • a dude

      Also agree. Make more! You are hilarious and should quit school to make comics!

      Ok, maybe not that. But you should make more comics!

  8. frank

    dude! aren’t you working on any new comic?

  9. Anonymous

    It’s been a month – time to stop checking back for more. This way I won’t be disappointed every time I look.

  10. Anonymous

    Interestingly enough, he isn’t listed at The Maneater anymore (http://www.themaneater.com/staff/active/7/), where he was a cartoonist (according to his website, link in footer of page).

    This makes me sad, he’s basically dropped completely from the Internet in every way possible for the last month… :'(

    • Samantha

      Did he die?

      • Indy

        sad as that sounds…it’s possible…

    • Koty

      according to his linked in profile (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/belal-al-rawi-eit/30/979/67a)
      he left the Maneater in Dec 2011. He also graduated, so it’s doubtful that school is tying him down. Methinks work just got super busy

  11. An.1

    R.I.P Belal. your comics shall always be remembered.

    • Ink


    • blah

      I hope you’re joking…

      • An.1

        …..the bad news is….I am not

        • vakami13

          Can you provide a link to any evidence proving that?

          • An.1

            I am joking 😛

  12. asdf

    It’s been almost 2 months. Come on, at least give us an excuse on one of your websites! Please be okay, we all think you’re dead… 🙁

    • Ali

      ^ an excuse is better than nothing! but I really do miss your comics… 🙁

  13. Rachael

    Where did you go??? I need new comics to keep me sane for finals this week!

    I hope everything is okay….give us some sort of update?


  14. JustininAlaska

    Hey man, found you’re comic through stumble upon, and have read them all.

    Very clever and really enjoy the expressions and observations of the main character.

    Keep ’em comin’ I’ll continue to read.

    Thank you.

  15. JustininAlaska

    Oh man just read the last posts. Sad to hear.

  16. An.1

    day 1485

    still no new comics, as day pass I began to lost hope…

  17. asdf

    Hmm, are you gonna resurface when your facebook page gets 3k likes? This is my last hope. Please come back!!!

    • An.1

      that makes a lot of fucking sense, it “IS” our last hope.

      • blah

        151 more. Don’t want to be disappointed…still, everyone like his page!

        • An.1

          i really like your name…i am pretty jealous 😛

  18. pleeeeeeaaase post more. i really enjoyed the comics

  19. I love your comics. Never stop!

    • Makr28

      Sorry to dissapoint you but he hasn’t posted anything in about 2 months. If you don’t believe me, check the comments above. I keep checking the site just in case though.

  20. Go you!

  21. Lololala

    Wow 3 months. I’m really starting to think that maybe there has been something wrong with him.

  22. cyphoragauadl

    Merry christmas everyone who celebrate! Is there any sight of him in web?? God, I really want to continue read his comic. . 🙁

    • vakami13

      I know the feel. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Maybe we’ll hear from him someday.

  23. An.1

    SURVIVOR !!!!!!!

  24. I just checked back for the New Year, hoping to find a dozen missed comics… it was a dozen comments instead 🙁

  25. gfvihgihidrhgowefuhtuwhifheuifh

    Where is the rest ??????????!!!!!!!!!! BORING

    • Superb information here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

  26. Ivan

    He did what I ordered a few comics back! “More comics! Or BURN IN HELL, SINNER!”

  27. Nkemjika


  28. Maybe he really is dead…

  29. blah

    Sad…it really does look like he is dead now.

    • I just feel like soiethmng drained all of my high spirits from my soul. Like Durant just walking up to the three point line, and draining that 3 pointer like it was a practice shot.

  30. vakami13

    This man, we don’t even know if he’s still alive, but in his absence we’ve created somewhat of a community mourning his disappearance. I really hope Belal reads these comments someday and knows how much his work has moved us. I’m feel slightly better knowing there are still other dedicated fans that are still waiting like I am.

    • vakami13

      *I feel

  31. Sydney

    When are you gonna wake another?!??! It’s been so long!!! THINK! THINK!

  32. An.1

    I think he is dead, and i think i have the most comment on this post

    • vakami13


  33. Makr28

    Wow 5 minutes has never felt so long…

  34. Lololala

    Belal? Where art thou?

  35. An.1

    after 3 months keeping this site on my permanent tab, i will drop this site off my important tab, i will check back if i remember, but…. good bye….

    • Lololala

      I’ve done just the same An.1. I will miss these comics though.

      • An.1

        i havent though, i just can’t, i keep feeling that one day, a new comic will pop out.

        • Lololala

          I’ve taken it out of my bookmarks but I keep coming back to check. I can’t let it go. =/

  36. makr28

    This must be how Lois lane feels every time Clark Kent randomly disappears for a while because of superman. (before she finds out who Superman is) Then again, in Smallville they at least give her a reason (visiting cousins) for his disappearance.

  37. Rachael

    It’s been 6 months since the last comic….I might just give up now =(

  38. HomerT6

    Never give up! I am sure he will be back eventually….someone that’s this awesome couldn’t disappear forever!

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  40. makr28

    Man… I came back just hoping. I still love these comics even if they’re over.

  41. makr28

    Has anyone used the contact link to see if he’ll respond? I would but it feels a little stalkerish.

    • Raj - IB, Straight A, Middle-schooler

      doing it right now…

      • makr28

        Just saw your comment. Did anyone reply?

  42. Nerd3

    I wish this would update these comics were so good, please come back 🙁

  43. TimeTravelerGirl


  44. Raj

    You know, I would have thought that you would have made a new comic for the xbox one…
    I just learned about you though… Even though im only in middle school. I have a huge presentation on Rome tomorrow, and I found one of you comics on the Internet. FUNNY!!

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  46. Seems like an ironic title for what appears to be his last comic.

  47. Remy

    Just stumbled upon these comics. Wish I hadn’t missed all of them =\ Thanks for the laughs though!

  48. cacafacejk

    Almost 1 year later fck u behal

    • Makr28

      Ahh don’t say that. What if he died? Though i totally imagine you said it half heartedly through tear soaked eyes.

  49. bongo

    he just emailed me. told me that he got so popular from the comics, after all the fame, money, alcohol, drugs, parties, women, he decided there’s more to life and quit the game.

    sad but i wish him luck in his new chapter

    • Makr28

      If you are telling the truth then im happy hes not dead but i now think he is a jackass for not telling his fans…

    • An.1

      Souds bullshity to me

    • >.>

      I’ve emailed him a few times and no response, so I call BS. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  50. he dissappeared on 9/11
    of 2012
    how interesting…

  51. Aw man, I used to enjoy this comic and then forgot about it for a year, and now I find the link and come back, and apparently so did the author 🙁 Sadddd days.

  52. Belal

    There wont be anymore comics college has gotten to tough to have time to draw sorry for the disappointment:(

    • Andy

      What took you so long to reply man, you worried me a lot more than you think :'(

    • Makr28

      I just want to say that is is kind of disrespectful to your readers to disappear for months without telling us you are. We all thought you died or something. That said i really enjoyed your comics so thanks.

    • Jackie

      Guys, this isn’t him. The real Belal has a picture of himself sleeping on a desk. You can see it in his early comments at the top of the post.

      • Makr28

        You are probably right, thanks.

        • Thanks for your thoughts. It’s helped me a lot.

  53. I think he is dead hahaahhahaha!!!

  54. He deserved it!

  55. Man

    Hes been gone for two years now!!!

  56. lenecroposter

    Post something I’m giving up on you. Even though I will silently hope that u return while I keep you bookmarked. Please be okay.

  57. ….I’ve been monitoring this site, coming back everyday, it totally was messed up for a day or two, then someone went in and fixed it. They must be maintaining it or something…We know you are reading these comments! give us an update!

  58. I swear I check back here every year… but alas.

  59. hour

    Did you declare your major? Is that why you’re not posting anymore?

  60. Anthony

    Guys, Belal has a link to his website, where it says that he’s a telecomms structural engineer for Black & Veatch

    it’s all the way down at the bottom, and I’ve already asked him what’s going on

  61. Belal PLLEEEAASSEEE I need new comics to get me through finals week!!

  62. Anthony

    Looking at his LinkedIn profile again, seems he has forgotten about his webcomic….

    because he’s been working at Black & Veatch for 3 years now.
    I’m going to remove this bookmark now…
    bye all!

  63. So that’s the case? Quite a reovaltien that is.

  64. Checking in 4 years later. It amazes me that someone would just drop everything and never look at it again. I loved this strip and I’ve kept it in a folder of canceled comics so that every now and then I can come back and look through them again. Hope you’re alright Belal.

  65. Vakami

    5 years and counting….

  66. fuckyoubelal

    You are an asshole. This shit isn’t funny. Disrespectful piece of shit

  67. DrySkeleton

    6 years ago I found this comic.

    I have been waiting for 6 years for another update.

    I know you’re alive man, please, make another one.

    • Vakami

      Same lol

  68. Put up something I’m giving up on you. despite the fact that I can silently wish that u return even as I maintain you bookmarked. Keep it up!

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