The Fall semester at Mizzou has begun. I’m still in the process of trying to remember how to use my hand – I think I made it through the entire summer without having to write anything down by hand.

Last semester I applied, and was selected, to be a cartoonist for The Maneater, the official student newspaper of the University of Missouri. And last week, my first strip was published.

The Maneater Print Layout
Even though the title of the strip isn’t complete, and my name AND email are misspelled, I’m pretty excited.

Having a weekly comic strip published isn’t all fun and gmaes, its a big responsibility. Comic strips are the backbone of any successful newspaper. People who pick up newspapers are not looking for news. They’re looking to be entertained. Thousands of students pickup The Maneater every Tuesday – and while my strip might not be on the front page, everyone knows the first thing people turn to is the comics section.

Most of the time, its the only thing people read.